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Tic Tic Boom

Lub-dub , is the “written” sound of the average heartbeat. Funny as I would think it was bu-bum, bu-bum. Then again I am also Canadian and as I have learned from my “always entertained by my vocabulary” American friends, one could play Canadian mad-libs with the funny sayings, half british slang and (between you and … Continue reading


Its been so long that I forgot my username and password. Which isn’t a far cry to my life as a whole, forgetting who I am, my purpose and that secret sauce that makes me… well me. Symbolism much. Yes universe (via I hear you. Time-t0-get-after-it  #TTGAI On my 34th birthday I wrote a … Continue reading

Placing a call

I am victim or perhaps prime suspect for putting my fingers to work and writing a text far before I would dare even think about making a call.  Insecurities resulting in impersonal iphone use or effortless efficiency? Perhaps an argument for both. My friends have caught on tho and after they witnessed my heartbreak with … Continue reading